Groundhog Day … 2023

Groundhog Day (1993) - IMDb
Groundhog Day / 1993

You know you’re a Star
when your name is bigger than the title of the Movie.
Missing you Bill.

Love that Movie. It’s a Classic. 
Have watched it several times.

Editorial cartoon: Groundhog Day - Powell River Peak

Editorial cartoon groundhog day

I’m no Groundhog … but I don’t think it’s over just yet.

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3 thoughts on “Groundhog Day … 2023”

  1. Groundhog Dog is a great film and those cartoon strips below fit in perfectly 🙂 Speaking of winter westerns, did you ever see Anthony Mann’s 1954 classic The Far Country – which is one of five westerns he directed with James (Jimmy) Stewart that began in 1950 with Winchester 73 and concluded in 1955 with The Man from Laramie? Great films 🙂

    1. John – Rose and I shamelessly love that Movie . Watched it several times. There’s some great messages in there.

      I have to tell you ‘The Man from Laramie’ is one of my Favorites – though I haven’t posted on it – and one of Stewart’s top Westerns. He had quite a few!

      “The Far Country” !! Wow … I haven’t seen it in a long time. It’s also a Classic. (I wonder if Stewart had more Classics than John Wayne?) You’re really stirring the pot here – and reminding why started this whole thing.

      Thank You and forgive me for not getting around to your place lately.

      1. That is awesome 🙂 As for messages, it is interesting you mention that because some have even cited Groundhog Day as a subtly spiritual comedy 🙂

        I totally agree with you on The Man from Laramie 🙂 All of the Anthony Mann/Jimmy Stewart westerns are masterpieces, but this one remains the crowning achievement 🙂

        I share your sentiments about The Far Country, though I can never figure out whether I should put that one ahead of The Naked Spur or not 🙂 Ranking is tough isn’t it? 🙂 As to whether or not, Stewart had more classics than John Wayne, is one that we should dedicate a respective blog entry to – me on my own site and you on your own site 🙂

        You are quite welcome and no apologies needed because it has been a while since I have been on your site as well 🙂

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