Golden Eagles? at Beaverdam Flats …

Watching the River Run / Loggins And Messina / 1973

Beaver Dam or Beaverdam?

Misidentifying birds is a common feat among amateur Bird Watchers.
Like me.

My photo / Juvenile Bald Eagle at Beaverdam Flats Park / Calgary Alberta / January 2023

I really wanted to see a Golden Eagle
But I guess I still haven’t.

You see … Golden Eagles and juvenile Bald Eagles
look almost exactly the same – identical.
And are therefore often Misidentified:

How to Tell a Juvenile Golden Eagle from
a Juvenile Bald Eagle

By 02/24/2021

How to Tell a Juvenile Golden Eagle from a Juvenile Bald Eagle

(Below) Juvenile Golden Eagle

The bright yellow part (cere) on the upper beak
of the Golden Eagle is really about the only
way to tell them apart from a Bald Eagle.

(Below) Juvenile Bald Eagles

You can see how easy it would be to Misidentify
a Juvenile Bald Eagle as Golden Eagle.
And I did.

In my defense however, it’s recently been noted that
Golden Eagles seem to be hanging out now
instead of passing though to Mongolia?
or wherever they go.

Ravens like to antagonize Birds of Prey.

I’ll keep looking.

Migrate? Who? me?


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4 thoughts on “Golden Eagles? at Beaverdam Flats …”

  1. This is another great post. These are great pictures of Beaver Dam Flats park. I have not really heard about this park. That is great picture of the Golden Eagle. The weather also looks very good.

    1. Not many people seem to go to this Park Quinn. Not sure why? Maybe it’s not well known or just a bit out of the way for people? I don’t know. It is nice down there simply because there aren’t a lot of people. We were lucky to see the Eagles because I’m sure they aren’t around there all that often. And they kindly permitted us to get close for some decent photos. That’s also rare I’m sure.
      Thanks for dropping by. Hope you and family are doing well.

  2. I always assume — as most amateurs to — that whatever I’m seeing is the more common species and not the rare one. Just because the odd favor NOT seeing something rare. But once, I DID see something rare and I actually got into the Martha’s Vineyard bird column for identifying a shore birds that had returned after being gone for almost 100 years. But — he was hard to miss. I’ve seen a golden eagle once in the mountains in Israel. They are HUGE and really impressive! No pictures. I was in a car, no camera, but oh wow.

    1. Rumor is, Marilyn that they are being spotted in area now. Not commonly, but they used to just pass through … so maybe one of these days.
      Climate change must have some benefits?

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