Afternoon at Carburn Park …

Winterlude / Bob Dylan / from album New Morning / 1970

Rose and I have visited most every Park in the Calgary area
over the last few years.
Some of the parks are large and uncrowded with lots of Wildlife.
Others are pretty crowded.
Carburn Park gets plenty of people.

The pond was active.

How times have changed.
When I was a kid most boys used to lean on a hockey stick
to learn how to skate.

See what I mean?
But while everybody else in North America was being
assaulted by bad Weather we were having a party.

In Calgary we get those warm winds we call Chinooks.
These make a winter palatable.

The Deer have become pretty tame around here.

Even a Beaver showed up.

Rose brought some birdseed with us this time.

It’s good to get out.

Four swans do a ‘fly by’ …

Golden Eagles at Beaver Dam Flats.


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  1. This is another great post about Carburn Park. These are great pictures of the deer, ducks, beaver and birds. The weather looks very nice that day. I hope you are having a very good January.

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