Out and About on a Winter Day …

Christmas shopping …

Doesn’t say anything about my Bowie knife …

All I want for Christmas is a Mini-Tank.

Impressive … but I’m just looking for a coffee.

We hoped he was doing that on purpose.

At the Park

Welcome … sorta.

A toasty fire … but fortunately
she has her gadget to play with.

Guess he didn’t see the signs?

Not a bad day at all.

Author: jcalberta

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4 thoughts on “Out and About on a Winter Day …”

  1. This is another great blog post and update. I hope your Christmas shopping went well. These are great pictures of the mall and the park. I was just wondering which park did you visit?

    1. Quinn! That was Carburn Park in South Calgary. Don’t forget your birdseed!
      I was just thinking about you. Hoping things are well with you and your Family.
      Have a Great Christmas … and thanks for dropping by.

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