The Old Way … Nicholas Cage / January 2023

The Old Way

“Revenge don’t care much for the law.”

Nick …that’s about the worst mustache I’ve ever seen.

Good. I’m tired of politics.

No reviews yet.

I do like a good Western yarn.
Unfortunately, even with Nick Cage,
I don’t get the feeling that The Old Way is Old Henry.

I’ll give it a watch, but …






Author: jcalberta

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2 thoughts on “The Old Way … Nicholas Cage / January 2023”

  1. Yup … you’re right Don. He is over the top for sure, Usually not much subtlety in his work. I remember watching Raising Arizona (way back) and wondering what the heck is this stuff??? And right now he’s extra chaotic. He had a mass of financial issues I heard – so his solution was to crank out movies as fast as possible – and he hasn’t been all that discriminating in his selection. 50/50 on quality. So you don’t really know what you’re going to get?

    A “Western”? you ask. I saw an interviewer say to him it seemed out of character (from his previous movies) for him to do a Western. His answer was something like this: “I was born in California. How far West can you go.”
    If it’s possible to go farther, he’ll do it.

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