Christmas in the boarding house …

Christmas … ?

Scrooge: My favourite Charles Dickens character

I’ve had my Ups and Downs over years.
So have you.

Food banks hope to give Britain's 'hidden poor' a festive Christmas | Magazine, moving | News | UNISON NationalHundreds of true stories we could tell about the Downs.
The Ups are usually not so interesting.
Brother Bruce and I used to call this “Fasting or Feasting”.
And in our early years they could equal in parts.
I recall one time we when were flat broke.
We had our rent paid, but they had cut off our electricity.
Fortunately, we had a gas stove.
Unfortunately, all we had to cook was pancake batter.
You can’t imagine how many ways you can
creatively cook pancake batter.
Pancake soufflé anyone?

So … Christmas?
I recall one Christmas I was living in a boarding house
in the town of  Parksville on Vancouver Island.
There was about 5 of us living in that place.
We were all one notch from being on the street …
… though I had a car I could sleep in at least.
I remember I owed one of the guys for some money.
He asked to be paid in beer. No problem.
When Christmas came around most of us were alone.
I decided that wasn’t a good thing.
I went and spent whatever I had on a big Turkey
with all the fixins’.
And cooked it up in our communal kitchen.
Turkey and stuffing (English style)
with mashed potatoes and gravy, Cranberry Jelly,
a big baked yam, peas, and corn … ?
Booze? Can’t recall.
I set everything up on the kitchen table.
Then went around and knocked on everybody’s door …
Invited them to a Christmas dinner.
So there was about 6 of us there.
It wasn’t fancy, but I think they liked it.
This is one of my fondest Christmas memories.

Yet most of the time I don’t realize how good I’ve got it.


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3 thoughts on “Christmas in the boarding house …”

    1. I remember Bruce and I sitting in dark one night, eating our pancakes.
      We both looked at each other and started laughing. It was so crazy.
      It surely wasn’t hard by the standards a lot of people go through.
      I have to recognize that. So all in all I Count my Blessings.

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