Winter 2022 … Game On …

In the video you can hear me puffing
because I had just come in from shovelings our sidewalks.

This was more a blizzard than a snowstorm – the difference being the wind – which was fairly strong – and causes snowdrifts and dangerous visibility problems if you are driving. The snow was also wet – not fluffy – which makes it heavy and hard to shovel or push around.
Rose said that they reported there was a car accident every 4 minutes.
That’s makes it one of those days that
you should just stay home if you can.
So we did.

Author: jcalberta

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4 thoughts on “Winter 2022 … Game On …”

  1. This is another great post on about our city snow fall. Our part of the city we received a good amount of snow. The wind drifted the snow across the sidewalk. I saw in the forecast we might get some more snow during the weekend and into early next week.

    1. Quinn … Yeah looks like we’re going to get it for a bit. I’ve been outside shoveling the last 3 days. Tough way to start out, but we’ll have to see …

  2. Until they clear and sand our roads, they are very dangerous. It almost killed Garry one year and since then, we are very very careful.

    MFW Reply:
    Yeah I hear ya Marilyn.
    We just don’t know what to expect these days?
    It’s a bit of a rude beginning though.

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