The Great Blue Heron / My Shots

Heavenly Blue / Burton Cummings / 1980

I pursued Heron 2.

Hoping to get close without spooking him/her?


Not bad at all.

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One thought on “The Great Blue Heron / My Shots”

  1. The Great Blues are not easily spooked. If you don’t make a lot of noise and interrupt their fishing expedition, they tend to stand VERY still for long periods. I’ve had one stand completely, stock still for as long as an hour until I finally ran out of pictures — and HE caught a fish. We had different goals but they worked well in tandem. I thought you had the Great Grey Herons out there and we have the Blues here, but he sure looks identical to our herons.

    Mostly, I’ve found water birds are much easier to photograph than garden or other “land” birds. Although when they get to know you, they get downright friendly. The long summer drought sent most of our river birds to other places where the fishing was better. They are lucky. They are powerful flyers, so if one area is very dry they can fly to where the water has more fish. The smaller birds aren’t quite as fortunate.

    MFW Reply:

    Just got back from out of town Marilyn. That’s why I haven’t responded till now.
    “Great Grey Herons” ?? could be. They look grey for sure. But my research seems to claim they are “Blues”.
    We wanted to get a pic of them catching a fish, but it didn’t happen. Figured we were lucky to get
    anything at all.
    Snowed here the other day so my guess is they won’t be sticking around much longer.

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