Return of the Great Blue Heron / Part 2

Song Sung Blue / Neal Diamond / 1972

So we walked all the way around the pond and didn’t seen any Herons.
We weren’t really expecting that we would. Just hoping.

Still in a few got some decent Fall shots though.

Serene and beautiful.

A gorgeous Fall day.

As we headed back to the car we stopped on the footbridge.
And when we looked into the water …
I was astonished to see literally hundreds and hundreds of fish!!
You can see them in the pic below – those black dots.

I could understood why Herons would want to hang out around here.
And just as I was thinking this … !!!
Two Great Blue Herons flew in together !!!

We couldn’t believe it!

A little bit closer – Beautiful. They look awesome in flight.

Then they immediately separated and went to different ponds.

Rose followed Heron 1 and I went after Heron 2 …

Coming Up … Closeups of Great Blue Herons!

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