“Yonda stands da castle of my fodda”

“Yonda stands da castle of my fodda” ?

Blogger friend Don Ostertag  of Don Ostertag: Off Stage (a wonderful Blog!)
offered this famous (infamous?) humorous film quotation attributed to Tony Curtis in The Prince Who Was a Thief (1952)

Not knocking you Don, (thanks for the Comment) but to my great surprise
(and regret) it seems that this famous quotation – which I also believed was true all these years – NEVER actually happened. It’s one of those
Hollywood myths! (Among several hundred).
The quote is mostly attributed however to another Curtis’ film
The Black Shield of Falworth (1954)

Here are a few Articles detailing how this myth quotation
dogged Curtis even up to the time of his death in 2010:

Wikipedia sums it up like this:
“The Black Shield of Falworth: False quotation:
The film is famous for an apocryphal line, attributed to Tony Curtis and rendered as “Yonda stands da castle of my fodda” or similar. The plot details above show that this would not fit the story: there is no “castle of my father”. The line is said to have come from a remark made by Debbie Reynolds on television magazine attributed the line to Curtis while performing in the 1951 film The Prince Who Was a Thief. “

Another article:

, http://filmstarfacts.com/2018/07/09/movie-trivia-pt31/

“If you ever happen to see the Tony Curtis costumer The Black Shield of Falworth (1954), you will probably be looking forward to hearing him deliver the now legendary line, ‘Yonda stands the castle of my fodda’, in his thick Bronx accent. Well, you will be disappointed – because he never said it. Not in this picture, nor in any other. The line is said to have come from a remark made by Debbie Reynolds on a television talk show and poor Tony then spent the rest of his life denying he ever uttered it.”

Snopes article:
https://www.snopes.com/Yonder Lies the Castle of My Father
Snopes offers a quote from a conversation Curtis says he had
with Hugh Hefner (Playboy):

“Years later, Hugh Hefner came up to me at a party and said,
“Yonder lies the castle of my fodda.’”
I looked at him coolly. “Hef, I never said that.”
“Then don’t tell anybody,” he said. “It makes a great movie story.””

MFW: Don’t worry Tony. Those stories never die.

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3 thoughts on ““Yonda stands da castle of my fodda””

  1. JC, to quote another famous movie line, ‘”when the legend becomes fact, print the legend” .

    Reply from MFW:
    There’s a ton of such Urban Hollywood Legends – as YOU know better than I ever will – which endure.
    I’m sure my Post won’t dispel a thing.
    They are fun though.

  2. Actually, he did say it. He just hated that he had said it, felt he had moved on and become a pretty good actor. He also resented people making fun of him years later — and he had a point. Garry talked to him about it — for once personally rather than professionally. Although it was many years after the awful movie, he was still very irritable about the subject. So of COURSE he denied it. Most people haven’t seen the movie. I think I saw it once when I was a kid — like maybe 10? and no one ever plays it anymore. Garry found it in the backlog of Turner movies — and we talked about it.

    Reply from MFW:
    Sorry Marilyn, I can’t agree on that. If he had said it, YouTube would be full of clips showing it. BUT there’s none. ?? So until proven otherwise I’m still slotting this in my Hollywood Myth file.
    It’s large.

    Sorry to place this Reply on your post, but my site still isn’t operating properly.

    1. Sorry Marilyn, I can’t agree on that. If he had said it, YouTube would be full of clips showing. BUT there’s none. ?? So I’m still slotting this in my Hollywood Myth file. It’s large.

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