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Hi People / Followers,

About a month ago I replied to a Comment on one of my posts that I thought was legitimate. It wasn’t. It was from what I call a Spam Bot. Immediately I started to get bombarded by Pornography and other garbage in my email an to the Blog. I Filtered these from my email and blocked them from the Blog. They are still coming (I don’t know how to stop them completely) but they are being filtered into a Spam folder. In my efforts (I am no Tech) things got screwed up: my Posts stopped appearing and emails to Followers (you) who wanted to be notified of Posts stopped being sent out. In one instance a Post I made went into my Trash (maybe that’s where it belonged! LOL.) But I didn’t put it there. I know these malignant emails have occurred to other Bloggers as well.  So if you noticed (probably not) strange things happening that is what has been going on here. I called in a Tech friend to help me fix all this (thanks Ray) and I believe things will be OK now.

I’m always mystified why anyone would think that I (or anyone) would be interested in their garbage that they have tricked us into receiving  – without our permission – and against our will – as well being as being very difficult to stop. I guess they have some success with this crap or it wouldn’t be happening?

Anyway … that’s what’s been going on.

Moving along.

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7 thoughts on “Troubles on the Blog”

  1. I used to get them and I did the same Spam thing. I also cleared my computer of cookies which helped.

    Reply from My Favorite Westerns:

    GP, thanks for that.
    That is a really good idea. I’ll follow up on it.

  2. Thank you for the update on about the blog. I am very sorry that this happened to your blog and your email. I hope you can still access and can get regular emails to your email account. I know getting a lot of spam emails are very annoying and it can make receiving other important emails very hard to access and respond to. I hope everything is now back working again with comments and your email.

    Reply from My Favorite Westerns:

    Quinn. Thank You.
    It’s still not working properly, but I’m muddling through.
    I get back to Ray shortly and see what needs to be done.

    1. Hermit !

      Thanks for your comment. (LOL!)
      I gotta tell you though that Comments are huge to me.
      Otherwise I feel I’m just operating in a vacuum.
      SO I greatly appreciate any Comment.
      Thank you.

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