Cleaning Eye Glasses …

The Mister Magoo song / Bob Rivers

See this stuff?

This is what I clean my eyeglasses with. 
If you can tell why I shouldn’t be using this I’m listening.
But after years of experimenting and following
all kinds of advice – and wasting a lot of money
on so-called ‘Eye Glass Cleaners’,
I’ve never found anything better than this. 
It’s the alcohol in Listerine that does it I guess. 
I’m also guessing some people will say this might 
damage the lens, but I haven’t discovered 
this to be true so far. 
It just works really well. 
Put some on a Kleenex –  apply it 
to the lens – rub gently while
rinsing with warm water. 
Then just dab the water off.
It works. 

Also good for mouthwash.


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