Volunteers …

My Dad had a standing joke:
“I want three volunteers. You, you, and you.”
Obviously something he had learned in the Army.
And usually unappreciated by us kids as 
it always entailed some chore.

However, most of the time 
Volunteers are a good thing. 
Like this Sunflower that popped up out front.

It jumped over from our nearby bird feeder.

  Around the side I found some more volunteers:

These Pansy’s figured a crack in the sidewalk was just fine. 

Our last volunteer … 

Izzy / Lila

Rose calls her Izzy (Izabelle).
(A variant form of Elizabeth (interesting coincidence)
derived from Elisheva meaning ‘oath of God’.

I call her Lila.
(The name Lila is primarily a female name of
Indian origin that means Playful.)
That fits too.

But I don’t think she cares.

3 Volunteers.
All up the task.




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