Johnny Guitar / 1954

Johnny Guitar / Peggy Lee

Flipped on the TV the other day and Johnny Guitar was playing.
I started to watch for a bit – then I couldn’t stop.
I could see why many consider this a Western Classic.
Yet it is still such a strange movie that some

question if it’s really a Western?

I won’t get into the psycho babble and analysis the movie has undergone. Smarter minds have already done that.
I will just say that I can’t consider it a Favorite or mine.
I couldn’t watch it every year.

This movie didn’t need a Tagline:
They just stuck Joan on the cover.
Of everything.
Because love her or hate her,
Crawford’s Star Power was off the charts.

“7.6” out of 10
94%” by Critics / “85%” by Audience

Review: Nicholas Ray's Johnny Guitar on Olive Films Blu-ray - Slant Magazine

Review: Nicholas Ray's Johnny Guitar on Olive Films Signature Blu-ray - Slant Magazine

Johnny Guitar (Republic, 1954). Poster (40" X 60"). Western.. ... | Lot #53213 | Heritage Auctions

Joan Crawford, 1954, publicity still for the film, Johnny Guitar.

Images 1954

Johnny Guitar, Joan Crawford, 1954 Photograph by Everett | Fine Art America

Le Cinéma on Twitter: "Joan Crawford on the set of "Johnny Guitar" (Nicholas Ray, 1954)" / Twitter Johnny Guitar Joan Crawford 1954 Photo Print (8 x 10): Posters & Prints

Get the picture?

One thing that really caught my attention was how little
the film makers cared about Sedona.
They were just blowing the whole place to hell!
Video excerpt shots from the movie trailer:

Explosive entertainment for sure.
Typical of the disrespect of film makers in that that era
for anything other than the Box Office.

Although Sedona is now an overrun Tourist Trap,
I still love the place.
And it’s often bragged there that they’ve
over 70 Westerns here. 
But it’s still hard to stomach that they disrespected
this very special place so little that they would
do this kind of thing.
Later, ATV’s (all terrain vehicles) and Jeep Rentals
had to be monitored for the very same reason.
They were just running all over the place.
The place just seems to be overrun now.

Too bad.

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2 thoughts on “Johnny Guitar / 1954”

    1. I can see why it’s regarded as a Classic Colin.
      When I first watched it (a while back) I was taken at what
      an unusual movie it is. So much so that some people don’t
      regard it as a Western at all. LOL! I haven’t delved into
      all the psychological debates and reviews. It really is
      a rather amazing film though.
      Apology for not responding before now.

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