The Calgary Stampede Western Art Show

Every year Rose and I go down to the Calgary Stampede grounds for
one particular reason:

The Calgary Stampede Western Art Show

Here we always find an array of exceptional Artwork
which I like to profile.

Paul van Ginkel

Paul is a regular exhibiter here and his work is truly exceptional:

Artist Paul Van Ginkel

_Sticking Together_ 36X60_ oil painting by Paul Van Ginkel - McLarry Fine Art

Great stuff Paul.

Serge Demetrius Dube

Serge method seems unusual … but awesome.

IMG 2101

IMG 1287

The Lloyd Gallery - Serge Demetrius Dube

Very nice. Powerful.

Lorretta Kyle

These amazing works speak for themselves.

Life Force

Taken Back

Coincidentally?  … Pelicans.
Like my recent photos.

Mating Season

But you can see how gorgeous her work is.

More coming .. 


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