The American White Pelican

bring it on home to me  / by Playing for Change / 2017

The American White Pelican

There are about 7 kinds of pelicans on this planet.
(there’s 19 on Pluto) (joke)
4 are overseas and the rest are in the Americas.
The Pelicans see here in Alberta are the
American White Pelican.

Carseland Provincial Park. Alberta

The first time I saw these Pelicans up here
was in Montana many years ago.
I figured this was an anomaly or they were
on their way to Tibet (joke)?

Fact is, they seem to have nesting colony’s here in Canada
and Winter in Mexico. (Smart birds!)

Wikipedia says they don’t nest here in Alberta.
I’m no expert, but they sure look like they’re nesting here?

That knob develops on their bill before the breeding season.

But maybe they’re just passing through?

These Cormorants (above) – also normally considered and Sea Bird –
are hanging out here too.
OK … that’s it for the Pelicans.
Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. This is a great post on your trip to Wyndham Carseland provincial park. These are great pictures of the pelicans and there nesting area. The weather looks very nice.

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