Mexico Trip Day 2 … Still exploring …

Yellow Bird / The Brothers Four / 1966

Rose and I took over 2000 pics on our trip here.

                                                       Fuzzy Bananas … just outside our door.

In the days of camera film that would cost a small fortune,
but with todays wonder of digital photography you can just fire away
and you’re bound to hit something occasionally.

                                                         Don’t see this everyday in Calgary …

We end up throwing a ton of pics away – (some were
plainly awful) – and hope to end up with something of interest?

                            “ECO” – plants and animals – was the big thing at the Resort
                                                                 Spider Monkey lounging in a tree
                                                 Peacock Hen … not all the animals here are native
                                                                            Unusual looking ducks
                                Not sure why there were so many statues of Buddha around?
                                                                          Chickens and Doves

There’s a little bit of everything here …

Down at the ocean.

                                                       Japanese Restaurant at the Resort

… and lots more … 


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