Mexico Trip Day 2 … Looking around …

Mayan Ocarina Improvisation

Before I got distracted by those Mayans and Aztecs I was intending to post about our Mexico trip. Those past civs have a deeper pull on me than I knew. And I’m not finished yet.
Day 2:
We continue exploring the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort.

This place is big.

It can take a day or two to look around at everything.

Boo Hoo … Life is so Hard

But mostly I was interested in two things:
The beach and the Food.
I was disappointed on both counts.
The beach was rocky with LOT of rocks in that water.
It was treacherous to go in there without some kind of footwear.

This was a major disappointment for me because swimming in the ocean is a huge deal for us landlocked prairie boys –
and definitely a main reason that I come here.

See !? Rocks. Lots of ’em. 

The food also proved not as good as previous Resorts we’d been to.
At first we thought this might be another affect of Covid – that has influenced so many things. But when we later went to
another Resort nearby the food was excellent.
I hate to complain about this because we are SO spoiled in Canada.

Pretty good really.

                                                                              What!? No caviar?

Other people in this world would consider this to be the feast of a lifetime.
It was just not as good as what we had experienced before.

All in all, still a great time. 

I’ve decided that in future I will take a lot more Videos instead of Still pics.
I’m not very good at videos yet, but it still think it gives a better
idea of things than Still images.


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    1. Rose actually does that for the plane flight down. We don’t trust that plane food.
      Truthfully though, it was all good. I just wouldn’t recommend this particular Resort to people
      because of those 2 things (the beach and food). Everything else was great. I don’t want
      you go down there and spend all that money and find things aren’t what you wanted or

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