Our new Bird Bath!

SongBird / Eva Cassidy / 1998

I’d been wanting a Bird Bath for quite a long time.
(I got tired of all the dirty birds around here)
Truthfully though I just love to watch those little birds
splashing around in the water!
I’m sure I could have made one myself and I see lots of ideas for that
on You Tube. But I finally found this one at a local garden center.
Most of the Bird Baths I saw are pretty expensive, but I knew I’d eventually find something that suited my budget and tastes.
So … Here it is!
It’s just plastic, but it looks pretty good.
Cost 60 dollars.
I don’t think the birds will care one way or the other.
We put it out in the back yard and I’m eagerly awaiting our first guests.
Then I’ll take some pics and post ’em.

Have a great Spring!

Author: jcalberta

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2 thoughts on “Our new Bird Bath!”

  1. Both Rose and you will enjoy watching them in your beautiful birdbath!!! John and I had one similar for many years, it created a peaceful and safe place for them 🙂

    1. Hi Brigita! Rose has a small fountain she sets up out back every year. I saw some birds using it for a bath last year so I figured a Bird Bath might be a nice idea. Now we just have to figure out where to put it. Now we are waiting to see some activity.

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