your true colors …

no mountains were moved …
no seas were parted.

I’ve had a very fortunate and favoured life.
I’ve experienced many miracles.
But most miracles are not large.
They are small.
Yet no less important or wondrous.
I recall one such small miracle that occurred many years ago.
I was depressed that day. (I think most of us get that way at times).
And I was sitting on the edge of my bed …
thinking about how unworthy I was Spiritually.
Then I suddenly got a nudge:
“Turn on your radio.”
I listen to those nudges.
I leaned over and turned the radio on.
This song was playing:

We are God’s children.
And no matter what,
You are Loved unconditionally.
Forever …

Author: jcalberta

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2 thoughts on “your true colors …”

  1. Funny how that all came together. Per usual it surpassed my own intentions.
    As you well know, that’s what happens when you invite Spirit.
    Thank You for dropping in. I always know Your True Colours.

  2. Thank you very much Jeremy for sharing this story and the beautiful insightful song. It offers much to the heart.

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