Mexico Trip Day 2 … Orientation and Exploration

Mayan Fire Flute / Xavier Quijas Yxayotl

A closer look at where we are:

Map of Central America, Mexico
and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Map of the Yucatan 
showing location of Resort, Tulum and Coba.

Map of the Sandos Caracol ECO Resort.

The Resort is pretty good size area so we decided to spend our first day just exploring the place.

But my first task was get a better photo
of the first thing you see when you arrive here:
a bust of King Pakal the Great.

This guy was rather amazing
and deserves a bit of a write up. 

That’s next. 

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4 thoughts on “Mexico Trip Day 2 … Orientation and Exploration”

  1. This is another great blog post about your trip to Mexico. The resort looks very big and the map there are lots of swimming pools in the resort. Theses are great pictures of the resort and the statue of King Pakal the great . These maps are very good and this resort is close to the boarder with Belize.

    1. Hi Quinn! Yes it is a big Resort. It took us a few days to see everything and we likely missed a few things anyway. I need to repost one of the maps. It’s not showing up too well. Belize is indeed close by. I’m putting together a post on King Pakal, but it requires some research.

    1. This King Pakal was really something. Though there is much about the Mayans we don’t know, they have found quite a bit on this guy. Quite a few of their unique musical instruments are known however.

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