Mexico Trip … Day 1

South of the Border / Patsy Cline / 1961

It’s such fun.
So here’s what you do:
Get up and 6:00 am. (In the dark)
Call Taxi. Load bags.
Go to Airport.
Haul bags in; Check in;
Go through Security; Covid crap; etc. etc.
Then Wait.
At about 11 am. you get on the plane.
Plane gets de-iced.
Takes Off.
Flys South across the US.

Crosses Time Zones.

                                                                Are we there yet? Is that Florida?

Arrive in Mexico at 8:00 pm.
5 and a half hour flight.

Get Taxi. Go to Resort.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

Outside I take a blurry pic (or is it just me?)
of Mayan King Pakal.

In the Lobby:
Check In: 10:00 pm. (In the dark)
16 Hours travel time?

Theme of the Resort is posted in Lobby.

“ECO” – Nature is the theme here. Jungle and animals.

Lobby pics.
Pardon my poor photos.
I hope they will still give you an idea of the place:

Looks pretty nice.
But we’re tired and hungry.
Grab a bite. Head to our Room.

The first thing we really wanted to see:

Did I ever dream I would be having such experiences?

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6 thoughts on “Mexico Trip … Day 1”

    1. I felt sorry for Rose as things didn’t start out so good. And she was wondering about it all – having put up all the money. But we always get things together and turn it into an enjoyable adventure. It was good.

  1. This is another great post about your trip to Mexico. These are great pictures of the hotel entrance. I was just wondering did your hotel have a lot of COVID-19 health and safety measures in place? I hope you had great weather on your trip.

    1. Covid is World Wide as you know – and has changed and affected everyone. Since we don’t live in Mexico it was hard to judge how profoundly it has probably affected things here. Yet you could tell that it had. We were required to wear masks while indoors everywhere. And had to pass Covid checks at the Airport of course. It is claimed that Covid has killed over 300,000 people in Mexico according to statistics. Yet I always wonder about the reliability of Statistics in some countries. Could be a lot more? In any event, if you are travelling ANYWHERE be assured that Covid could well affect your experience somewhat. It’s changed the World.
      The “weather”? It was hot and humid of course. A difficult adjustment for us that you have to make on the fly. We came from below zero in Canada to be in 85F and 90F (I still only think in terms of Fahrenheit), That’s a change of about 100 degrees. When we went out to Tulum and Coba ruins, much of the time we were in the blazing sunlight and it was tough. I was very careful to apply sunscreen every day. Sunburn, heat prostration, and sunstroke can ruin your holiday. I wore a hat most of the time to protect the back of my neck. I saw several people with obvious sunburn – which is not wise. All in all, it was HOT and sunny. You don’t really have enough time in one week to adjust to some things like this, so you do what you have to do to enjoy it all. And we did.

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