Spring Fever …

Starting a New Life / Van Morrison

That come before the swallow dares, and take
the winds of March with beauty.
~ William Shakespeare

The steeds are out of the barn.

My Steed
Rose’s Steed

The Bow River / Calgary. Used to be that I would shortcut across here in the Winter. And I could judge if it was Spring or not when the ice disappeared.

The water on one side of Prince’s Island. In Grade 3, my brothers and I played hockey here. It was a slough back then – where people threw junk and garbage. It made for an interesting hockey game though, stickhandling around tires and stuff sticking up through the ice. 

Geese that used to fly south for the winter. 

Ancient elevator.
Need a workout?

Time for some Thai Food.

Not bad at all.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Fever …”

  1. These days, the ice rarely freezes hard enough to be safe for kids to play hockey. And every year, a few kids drown because they so badly want to play hockey and the ice LOOKS safe. It wasn’t that long ago — less than a decade — when in the winter the ice froze and we had too much snow. Now, we’re lucky if we have a coupe of cold snaps and ANY snow.

    And we aren’t doing ANYTHING to help fix the world. Will there even BE a world in a few years?

    1. It seems we are in the midst of “Future Shock” – things changing so rapidly (on all fronts) that we can’t adjust. It then becomes a matter of survival. This world will never be a heaven/haven it’s said. We must simply do the best we can. I can easy say that I’m doing much better that MANY people in this world – so I count my Blessings – and I don’t take them granted. Everything we have can be swept away in the blink of an eye.
      I wish you and yours well Marilyn. I think you doing more than most people.

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