Coba and the Stairway of Time …

Bay of Mexico / The Kingston Trio / 1958

We’re back.
From Mexico.
Took me a couple of days to recover
and re-acquaint myself with snow.
The truth is, I don’t ‘travel well’ anymore.
I’m 73.
So here’s some Free Advice:
Don’t wait till you retire to go Travelling.
I’ll show you.

This is the big pyramid at Coba/Yukatan/Mexico.
It’s 120 steep and irregular stone steps.
At one time I could run up those steps in less than a minute.
Now it would take me an hour – with periodic rests.
Soon I won’t be able to do it at all.
And I really wanted to.
But God saw me coming – and spared me.

                                                         Net photo of people climbing the Coba pyramid

Because they recently stopped people from climbing the pyramid.
I believe they finally realized that these valuable artifacts are being destroyed by thousands of people clamoring over them every year.
But I think there’s also another reason they stopped it:
It’s dangerous.
A fellow traveler told to me that about 2 people
were being killed here every year.
Not to mention a number of injuries.
I believe it.

                                                         Net Photo / People on the Coba pyramid.

You can see how steep that is –
with a number of people coming down on their rumps.
The safe way.
But I was still disappointed.
Yet also happy.
Because these very valuable artifacts need to be protected.
As they should be.

Onward …

Curiously I noticed 3 vultures at the top of the pyramid.

Possibly waiting for me to sacrifice myself.
But that was another lifetime.
Today I was spared by the Gods.

Famous Blacklight poster from the 70’s



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4 thoughts on “Coba and the Stairway of Time …”

  1. This is another great blog post on your trip. I hope you had a great time in Mexico. I hope you had some great weather? These are great pictures of the pyramids .

    1. Hey Quinn ! Good to hear from you! Hope you and family are doing well.
      Yes we had a good trip. There were a couple of bad things, but in all it was great.
      Took lots of pics – still sorting through them and will get some more up pretty soon.
      Take Care.

  2. Thank you Jeremy for sharing your journey, the humorous insight and advice is always refreshing 🙂

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