Canadian Gals get it done.

Olympic Hockey Champs

Gets it done.

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Gals get it done.”

  1. These gals were ‘all in’ GP. It was no ‘sure thing’ against your American gals – who have beaten us consistently over the years. But when you see a quality Sports event like this I think everybody Wins. But I’ve always looked at the Olympics like that. TO ME it’s never been about Medals – and shouldn’t be. It’s a special privilege and honor just to go there and participate – to represent your country in friendly competition. Remember Eddie the Eagle at the Calgary Winter Olympics? (1988) He had no chance of winning anything, but was the biggest Star of ‘the Games’. As he should have been. He just wanted to be there and participate. He could have killed himself, but his jump was a leap of faith. Same with the Jamaican Bobsled team. Didn’t really even have a worthy sled. We gave them one. They could have killed themselves too. That’s a dangerous Sport. Nobody should be looked upon as a failure in that. Very sad that politics always ‘rears its ugly head’ in the Olympics – and continues to do so.

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