My New Camera …

Finally got my new camera. It took weeks.
This was a gift from Rose after I dropped my previous camera into the creek at Sheep River Falls. Actually, I fell on my butt in the creek – camera and all.
After that the flash didn’t work anymore. This was not much of problem because I rarely used Flash anyway. BUT then I dropped again at home and after that the batteries wouldn’t hold a charge. That kind of finished it.
So I’ve been using my old Sony backup camera – which is not as good.
Anyway this is what it looks like:

This DSC-HX99 is an improved (updated?) model from my former DXC-80 I had before and which appears almost identical.
Not sure what the improvements might be yet?
This thing is expensive though. Costs about 600 dollars.
That’s a chunk around here.
I would NEVER have asked for or expected such an incredible gift.

This camera has a ton of features and many functions
(some of which I have no idea how to use)
Here’s a few that I do know.

Heck of a feature. I can take some great close ups that
other cameras of this size cannot.

The pop-up view finder is a GOD send. The regular view screen is inefficient and not sufficient in many instances.

This little camera also takes excellent videos.

Don’t know why they don’t include the battery charger? You can charge the battery while the battery is still in the camera,
but the charger is still very useful.
Good to have extra batteries – and ALWAYS carry an extra one.
You won’t regret it.
That safety cord is THE MOST IMPORTANT ACCESSORY you can have.
It has saved me from dropping my camera on several occasions.
The oceans, caves, and byways are full of dropped cameras.
What could be more aggravating that losing 1000 plus
images of your vacation? Not to mention your camera.
Here’s a tip too – take a USB stick with you and back up your photos every night while on holiday. This will free up space on you camera chip and prevent you from losing the shots. Some cameras even have a feature that allows you to send your pics somewhere I think.
Tip 2: carry a second camera memory chip with you. A couple of times I’ve completely filled up my chip and couldn’t take any more pics without deleting some. Annoying – especially when you are on the run.

So I have a nice new wonderful camera to use. Shortly Rose and I will be going to Mexico again and I can’t wait to take some more pics of some Mayan pyramids. Yes indeed.

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6 thoughts on “My New Camera …”

  1. This is another great post , that is a very nice new camera. I am thinking about getting a mirror-less camera or another camera that will be great for traveling with in the future. I hope you have a great vacation.

    1. Hey Quinn! I’m not really much of a photographer. But I like taking pics. Some of them turn out OK. If I wasn’t able to edit them substantially with 2 programs I have, a lot of them wouldn’t be worthy of showing to anybody. But is is FUN and enjoyable. I will be taking a LOT of photos in Mexico for sure. Thank You … and Take Care.

    1. These trips are like a Magical Mystery Tour for me. Rose sets them up and I go along for the ride. But they always turn out to be a hell of ride. For instance – though I always dreamed of it – I never thought I’d ever go to Chichen Itza and see the Temple of Kukulkan – or swim in a cenote – among other things. I always figure I should join in on the planning, but it’s been so good, so far, I don’t feel a need to. Yup, I’ll take lots of pics. Probably not as good as yours, but still …

  2. These little all-in-one cameras ARE expensive, but they have great lenses, are light, easy to use, and will fit in a pocket. That’s a lovely camera. Give your sweetie a huge hug and have fun taking great pictures!

    1. Well Valentines Day is right away … I’ll have to think of something … ?? A nice dinner somewhere special …

      And try not to fall in the creek again.

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