Bad Weather all over …

See that RED … that’s Severe Weather Warnings.
Heavy Snow, Blizzards, Rain … we got it all.
I know we’re not alone.

Right now Calgary Alberta, (where I live)
is one of the warmest places in North America.
Forecast says were going up to plus 16 C tomorrow.
Go figure?



Author: jcalberta

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4 thoughts on “Bad Weather all over …”

    1. ‘Climate Change’. Things are erratic and extreme. Nobody is used to it. Things are not like they’ve been in the past.
      To me it’s all part of HUGE changes occurring on all levels and in all ways – natural events and manmade. Covid is part of this too. Our world is being deconstructed. Dismantled. Something NEW is being set up. A new ERA. This has happened before – fairly recently. Remember the 60’d? Wars, riots, all kinds of stuff. Happening again. And when such CHANGE occurs it’s upheaval, chaos, violent, a lot of tough stuff. All this and more. The end product is that we eventually move into the New Era. So we don’t know what’s coming next and how long this Change is going to take. Personally I foresee some good things coming out of all this and the consciousness on the planet is moving up to a new level.

    1. Down East they are getting hammered. Again. Floods in NewFoundLand. Just digging out in Ontario and another storm on the way. We don’t know to expect these days and February is usually our worst Winter month. We’ll see.

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