Tofino … Campfire

For many years a favorite thing at Long Beach
was to have a campfire.

A campfire, of course, is one of the joys of ‘getting out’.
No secret there.

And at one time (seems long ago) you could go out to Long Beach
and have a campfire pretty well anywhere.
Nobody cared.
Those were sweet times.
And what could be sweeter?? It’s magic.
You have 4 primal elements:
A Fire, the Ocean, the Stars.
And Friends.

A simple joy on a Summer night.

Then …
‘the predictable’ happened:
Too many people, too many fires, too many idiots.
Things got out of control.

The pristine wonder of the area was being destroyed.

It only takes a few idiots to screw things for everybody.

Now most beaches along the strand don’t permit any fires at all.

Those that do so have to monitor things and impose conditions.

These are the fire pits now allowed:

I believe these (below)  will also be permitted?

It’s not the same, but …

Things change.
Not always for the better.




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    1. I should have seen it coming. A lot of our National Parks are like shopping malls now. Banff is completely overrun. I know Yellowstone is traffic jam. A shame.

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