‘Old Henry’ … the Cast … Tim Blake Nelson

Cool Water / Tim Blake Nelson

Ever been watching a Movie and you recognize somebody in the Movie, but you can’t remember who he/she is? – or where you saw them before? Happens to me all the time. I usually remember before the Movies’s over, but not always – and this will nag at me (like a Gila Monster chewing on a scorpion) for the whole Movie.
That might happen to you in Old Henry.

Yeah … I knew I’d seen Nelson recently. But where???
Couldn’t place him.
See if you can figure it out before this post is finished.
(Bet you won’t get it.)

Tim Blake Nelson … sorta like Clint Eastwood … without the good looks.

Did you figure it out?

Tim Blake Nelson in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs / 2018

I didn’t.

Old Henry / The Cast / Stephen Dorff

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2 thoughts on “‘Old Henry’ … the Cast … Tim Blake Nelson”

  1. Not only did I remember him for Buster Scruggs, but also from O Brother Where Art Thou.
    I still crack up every time I think of his line ‘We thought you were a toad’.

    1. Nice work. Your prize in the mail Don … a Gila Monster chewing on a scorpion. Careful.
      I bet NOBODY else gets it though, but I did drop a hint with the song.

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