Surfing Tofino …


Tofino used to be a sleepy isolated fishing village.

To get there, first you had to get to Vancouver Island
– then out to the Pacific Rim.
It was a far drive and the road was gravel.
This discouraged a lot of people.
But progressively things opened up.
It’s now a bustling Tourist town whose visitors greatly exceeds it’s said population of 2000 people.

In fact, if you’re coming here and plan to stick around, you better book accommodations or you’ll be sleeping in your car.
This place is booming – year ’round.

Surfing has become a huge thing and Tofino is now  being called the
The Surf Capital of Canada.
It’s exploding.

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Net Photo

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Cox Bay viewpoint – looks like Hawaii or something.

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Canadian Surfers … already making waves.

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Oh yeah …




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  1. This is another great blog post about your trip to Vancouver Island and Tofino. These are great photos of the beach and ocean. The weather looks very nice, I would like to visit Vancouver Island and Tofino.

    1. Quinn !!! Merry Christmas to you and your family !!
      I think you would enjoy a trip up to Tofino. We’ve been up that way about 3 times now – always beautiful.

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