Tofino Beach / Day 1

“You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf.”

– John Kabat-Zinn

Cool Water / Joni Mitchell and Willie Nelson

As with any outdoor event weather can be a factor.

And it wasn’t sunny.

Not the turnout you’d hope for.

In past years (as below)  it was better.

Canadian Surfing Championship 
Canadian Surfing Championship

Ironically, bad weather can often make for better surf.

Not sure how the Surfers felt about all this.

The rain probably doesn’t affect them much.
They could hardly get any wetter.

But the extra cold might ??

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4 thoughts on “Tofino Beach / Day 1”

    1. Yeah you can’t go in this water without a wetsuit. Some have tried. I haven’t tested the Atlantic waters near where you guys are? Sure it’s about the same? Rose booked us for another Mexico Resort so we get spoiled by the beaches down there. When I’m down there I go in every day because it’s such an awesome novelty. BUT there are places up here in Canada where you can comfortably jump in. I’ve swimmed (swam? swum?) in many lakes and rivers up here over the years. Not that you’d identify what I do as swimming. LoL!

  1. This is another great post about your trip to BC. These are great pictures of the surfers and the beach. The weather looks like it was foggy and a lot of rain. I hope you are doing good.

    1. We knew it would be raining up there. We’d had been watching the forecast for a week. But it wasn’t raining hard – like it can. You could still go and enjoy things. The sun did come out over the next couple of days. But we weren’t going to let the weather stop us from having a good time.

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