Tofino and the Rise of Coldwater Surfing

Many years ago I was walking on Long Beach …

When I spotted somebody out in the water.
What the heck was he doing?? Swimming? Drowning?
I looked closer.
He was wearing a black wetsuit.
And he had a surfboard!!
Good Grief! He was trying to surf!!!
I was astonished.
Nobody can Surf here! (thot I)
It’s too damn cold and the surf isn’t good enough!
This guy must be crazy?
I dismissed it all as a subzero anomy.
Figured I’d never see that again.

How WRONG I was.

Flash forward to September 20, 2021.
We arrive at Pacific Sands Resort on Cox Bay –
the exact location of the 3 day Canadian Surfing Championships.
(Another one of those crazy coincidences?)

I went down to the beach.
and took a video.

You can hear the Surfing commentator in the background.


Knarly  and snarly.

You can definitely Surf here.

Author: jcalberta

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