DUNE 2021 Reviews

I’ve been pumping this movie for a while, figuring it’s going to be pretty watchable. But I got a letter from a chap who hated it.
I haven’t seen it yet myself, so I can offer no worthy opinion.
HOWEVER! there’s already a ton of other opinions on the floor:

IMDB: “8.3” out of 10
Metacritic: “75” by Critics / “8.3” by Audience
Rotten Tomatoes: “83 %” by Critics / “92 %” by Audience

There ya go.

But I’ve been fooled by Reviews and other people’s opinions
on several occasions.
Right Rocky?

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3 thoughts on “DUNE 2021 Reviews”

  1. I read the book years and years ago. I think I was 18 or 19 at the time and I don’t remember much except that I found it kind of boring. Garry wanted to know if I want to watch it since it’s now available on one of the streaming channels — HBO? Not sure. Right now, watching Foundation which I also read a zillion years ago and barely remember.

    1. I read the books of course – after I saw the 1984 Movie and the 2 Mini Series that were on TV. I really liked them a lot – it was good for me. I’m not really hung up on the Movies or Mini Series being an exact portrayal of the books. I don’t think that’s possible anyway. Some people think that is vital – so they can’t enjoy any depictions or interpretations. Too bad for them.
      It is available on Streaming – which the Director was furious about – saying it should only be seen in an IMAX or a Theatre – the big screens. He even released a special Preview Trailer to the Theatres encouraging people to only watch in the IMAX/Theatres.
      His vision is going to be in 2 Parts – 2 Movies. Said he couldn’t fit it all into 1.
      I’m going to see it tomorrow. I figure it will be pretty good. Anyway I like popcorn.

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