The road to Tofino …

Passin’ Through / Valdy / 1976

The Lockfence
Inspired by love –
Destroyed by Excess

On the way to Tofino there are many wonders –
both natural and manmade.
At Wally Creek one small wonder is now gone.
At it’s outset the popular Lockfence aloing the Alberni highway
was a sweet testament to Love which started when one person
placed a simple single padlock on the fence.
Soon others followed. Then hundreds. It inspired many
people and was a nice commentary about the best part of us.
Then the inevitable occurred …
people started to stick anything on the fence:
socks, flags, underwear – just about anything you can think of.
What had once been a Wonder eventually became a trashy eyesore.
And when the covid masks started to appear
that was the coup de grâce – the death blow of a dream.

News article below:

Pacific Rim litter problem unlocked by removing Locks of Love fence

At it inception: The Wally Creek LockFence / Google Maps Image
Just a few locks at the beginning
Just a few at the beginning / Google Maps Image
A popular rest stop – from riches to rags / Google Maps Image
What it became – Look at that garbage! / Google Maps
Covid Masks – The final blow / Google Maps

So long sweet lockfence …

Lockfence is gone,
but this popular rest stop will remain.
And on a hot summer day
who wouldn’t want to stop here?


Look at that water !!!


It’s no ‘secret swimming hole’.


On a hot summer day …


Last one in is …


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