Thor, Iron Woman!? upcoming …

Coming May 6, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder (Movie, 2022) MCU Phase 4| Film Release Date - Bollywood Hungama

I like Marvel’s Thor quite a bit, but some of the new posters for
Thor: Love and Thunder are truly awful. Look at that thing!
Maybe it’s because The Guardians of the Galaxy – the only Marvel characters I truly dislike – are a big part of the movie.
But apart from Chris Hemsworth, the one thing that might save this film is that it looks like Natalie Portman will finally have a much bigger role
than she normally gets.
Let’s hope.

Natalie Portman Goddess of Thunder

I think this wuz supposed to be a secret.
But it’s sprung a big leak.

Love & Thunder Set Image Shows Natalie Portman's Toned Thor Arms - Informone

Marvel posted on Instagram: “Thor: Love & Thunder.. "" "" "" afafa "" ""Art Credit : @psychboz For more follow .…” •… | Marvel thor, Marvel posters, Marvel entertainment


Meanwhile similar things are emerging at Stark HQ.

Hearing a few different titles: Iron Man 4: Iron Heart Legacy?

Incredibly as of this moment it’s still uncertain whether this is actually ‘a GO’ or a fan fantasy? It’s been on and off.

A lot of stuff that appears legitimate is actually created by fans.
Including Trailers and posters.
They are clever and well done.
I’ve been fooled a time or two myself.
Such is the nature of the internet.

Only thing that seems certain right now is
Iron Man will become
Iron Woman.

Iron Heart | Iron heart marvel, Tony stark, Iron heart

This was sort of supposed to be a secret too … ?
I think?
I’m having a heck of a time keeping track of all this.
Pretty soon going we’re going to need a special chart (like we had for Game of Thrones) and a congressional investigation.
to figure who’s who and what’s going on?

Release Date? 2022-2023
We don’t know yet.
Maybe never.

I was going to do a preview of another movie ..
but that’s enough for now.


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2 thoughts on “Thor, Iron Woman!? upcoming …”

    1. Apart from the first Thor movie I couldn’t figure what she was even doing in this series. She seemed to get pushed to the background. But since there are so many characters and Heroes in all this, it must be hard to give everybody screen time??
      That might change for her here.

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