A Muffin at MuckDonald’s … Part Two

Circle / Harry Chapin

I remember when you could get a coffee for 25 cents
– with unlimited refills.

Starbucks never made a nickel offa me.

I stopped by to ‘gas up’ the other day.
Thot I’d buy a Coke.
The guy said “That’s $2.87.”
I was too stupid to refuse.

Crazy …
I remember when a Pop was 5 cents.
And you’d get 2 cents back for the bottle.

And I could go to a Saturday Matinee for 25 cents.
that included a pop – and popcorn.

And the Movie Theatres were palaces.

And just going there was something special.

And the movie would scare the pants offa me.


And “Gee Whiz!” was the strongest profanity you’d hear.

“I’m melting! I’m melting!”

If only …

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