A Muffin at MuckDonald’s … Part One

Apples Dipped in Candy / Mickey Newbury

I never planned on Retiring.
Retirement was for other people. Rich people … maybe?  *shrug*?
I’d just work. Till the end.
(Is that ‘Old School’? I don’t know.)
How could I Retire anyway? I had no money. Never did. Never cared about it.
It was finally my health that made the call. Type 2 Diabetes.
Never planned on that either.
I coulda ‘got by’ with my bad back and my hernia.
But it was the pain in my feet (the Diabetes) that took me down.
No blood circulation.
Though I only worked 4 hours a day/4 days a week I was standing all the time.
Gobbling Pain Killers. A lot.
Nobody noticed. Or cared.
But after 8 years – it was too much.

Finally … one day … Rose came up to me and said “I want you to Retire.”
It was a sign. LoL!
The jig was up.

So …….. here I am …
Not knowing what to do??
I’ve made no plans – have no ‘Retirement Dreams’.
Never thought about it …

My present routine is that I go out for a Coffee every day.
Sometimes to Tim Horton’s – sometimes to Muckdonald’s.

A Muffin at Muckdonald’s.

Ever seen this movie? I love this scene. Michael Douglas in Falling Down.


Part Two coming up …

Author: jcalberta

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6 thoughts on “A Muffin at MuckDonald’s … Part One”

  1. We don’t retire when we plan on it because we didn’t plan anything. I got too sick to work, Garry got let go because he wasn’t young enough to do what he used to do and suddenly, we were retired. We’ve been poor ever since but you know what? RETIREMENT IS GREAT. Even broke.

    1. I replied Marilyn … but it didn’t show? Gotta get this blog fixed.
      I really sympathize with what happened to you guys. It appears you have adjusted
      and are doing some things. I haven’t figured it out at all yet.
      Maybe I’ll become the Pickle Ball Champ of the universe.
      But Pickle Ball isn’t an Olympic sport. Yet.

    1. oooooo .. that’s a real gut punch. I wouldn’t trade you.
      Even so, you have manifested yourself to do some positive work and tell your story.
      And it’s a heck of story Don.

      1. Great to hear that. I really can’t imagine that all that would be like.
        My Mum died from cancer. That was a bad time.

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