Swimming at Oak Creek Crossing …


Sedona Spirit – Keith O’ Sullivan

Also called Red Rock Crossing.

Me at Oak Creek Crossing 2000?
Me at Oak Creek Crossing – 2000?

Back in the late 70’s (or early 80’s?) I went swimming at Oak Creek Crossing in Sedona, Arizona. But I believe a few people thought I was exaggerating because much of the time Oak Creek Crossing is shallow and there’s no obvious place you can swim.
Yet I’ve recently discovered several photos that prove my case.

Don’t forget your sunscreen / Net Photo
The water can be cool ... but that's good / Net Photo
The water can be cool … but that’s good / Net Photo
It’s no secret anymore / Net Photo
Net Photo

When I came here back in the 70’s I had Spiritual experiences here – and it was still pretty well unspoiled. I climbed up to Cathedral Rock and I felt like it was a secluded sacred moment – like nobody had ever been up here before. Now there are hiking trails that go up here and people all over the place. The Spell of Solitude is long gone.

Net Photo

But it’s beauty and mystique can never be completely destroyed.

Net Photo

Someday I hope to return.

Net Photo


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3 thoughts on “Swimming at Oak Creek Crossing …”

    1. It is incredible there. Or it was. It’s an overrun ‘tourist trap’ now. Rose even got sucked into Time Share presentation the last time we were there. Those guys are everywhere. That had a good result though – as we got a free Jeep Tour where we discovered John Wayne Tree. There is a lot to see around there though – just don’t go in the Summer – the heat and sun will murder you.

    2. It’s so gorgeous there. Definitely overrun now though. Yet … still worth a visit as there is so much to do around there. Just make sure you come in the cooler season as the sun and heat can be oppressive to us tenderfoots.

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