SILVERADO: Critical Showdown …

Because of it’s eminent re-watchability
I place Silverado as a Western Classic.
That’s how I judge these things.
Time usually tells the story.

Other opinions:

IMDB: “7.2” Not bad.

I’m a big fan of Rotten Tomatoes Reviews
because they also show the ‘Audience Score’
who aren’t encumbered by intellect.
They just know what they like.

MetaCritic: “64” out of 100.
Audience: “8” out of 10.
The audience got it.

ALLMOVIE: “4.5” out of 5.


Author: jcalberta

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2 thoughts on “SILVERADO: Critical Showdown …”

  1. We watched Silverado a week or so ago (again) and it seems incredible to me that it was made so long ago. It really seems like a new movie to me. Yikes.

    I have now seen in at least half a dozen or more times and frankly, although entertaining, it has never made sense to me. Garry says he thinks maybe he’s getting a grip on the story, but it always seems like piece of the story were left (or edited?) out.

    1. Hi Guys!
      Silverado is regarded as a ‘modern’ Western. Anything after the heyday of Westerns – the 1950’s – is ‘Modern’ I guess. It’s production qualities were high and it had an All Star Cast. Having Lawrence Kasdan behind it – wrote the script and Directed – didn’t hurt either. The “Story”? Well, It’s just Goodguys vs Badguys. The Goodguys win. No psychology involved.
      Kasdan (and everybody else) anticipated great Box Office – and they were figuring on a sequel – but it never happened because Silverado never made the money that they thought it would – even though reviews and public response was positive. Too bad. I wouldn’t have minded another one.

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