True Grit … ?

My whole system blew up the other day.
It had become completely corrupted.
So I’ve had to re-install everything.

Meanwhile …
Rose wants me to retire from my job.

I’ve been thinking it’s time.

But I will still work on the blog,I’ll just pop a couple of meds …

And induct a couple of Westerns
into My
Favorites Pages:
True Grit (2010) and Silverado (1985).

… among others.

Hang in there.

Author: jcalberta

Howdy! I love Westerns. ... and the intent of is to celebrate Western Movies/Film - old and new. This site will eventually show my top 30 favorite Westerns - or more. I will have original graphic work with regular updates. All this - and more ... Yee Haw ... !! - jcablerta / Moderator / Administrator

7 thoughts on “True Grit … ?”

  1. Great post 🙂 Don’t you hate it when you have to reinstall everything – quite a job. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

  2. I am not sure why some times computers have to have problems with software. I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your pictures from your past trips.

    1. Well thank you Quinn. Most any system will need to fixed up at some point. Mine was a real mess – mainly due to my incompetence at operating it.

    1. Incredible. There are a scams and scums around that’s for sure. None have penetrated here yet – though they’ve tried. I’m not a big enough fish I guess.
      Very shortly WP is going to ask me for another 420 bucks to Renew. Based upon my traffic I can’t justify continuing. Nobody is visiting and I don’t know to attract people. I’m an artist – not a Tech. I’m basically functioning in a vacuum right now. That is not OK anymore.

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