On the poor side of town

The Poor Side of Town / Johnny Rivers / 1966

Rose and I have stayed in a few B&B’s over the years. Most have been excellent.
But it’s not a cheap way to go.

So Rose found a B&B in North Drum(heller) in what I used call the “the poor side of town”.
Some rough kids came out of there.
But us refined ‘rich kids’ (*sniff*) lived in the New Subdivision in East Drumheller.
I called us the “Subdivisionals”.

Palace of the Subdivisionals!

Our Palace: 1963 AD.
Note the manicured lawn and the drawbridge.
Right: our trusty guard dog Kim, the Queen’s cat, Grace
enter through the riff raff door.

Rose didn’t know all of this important information when she booked us in at
McDougall Lane Bed & Breakfast.
Which caused me a bit of apprehension.
Would we get beset upon by vicious hooligans whilst eating crumpets in a crumbling shack!!!??
Hmmmm …

We venture forth …

Shortly I spot a sign craftily hidden in the bushes …

We’re getting close.

Net Photo / Google Maps

Whoooo! This might be OK?!

Let’s look around a bit.

Net Photo / Google Maps
Net Photo / Google Maps

I couldn’t have imagined anything as amazing as this.

Let’s look inside …

The other suites were gorgeous too. But we got the pool table.

Time for Breakfast.

You know what?
I do feel kinda rich.

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  1. This is a great post on your trip to Drumheller. Theses are great pictures of the bed and breakfast and the breakfast looks great.

    1. It was a great place Quinn. Unfortunately we were ‘out and about’ most of the time and didn’t get to appreciate it as much I wanted to.

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