Heading for Drum …

Working Man / Rita MacNeil

Leaving Horseshoe Canyon we head for Drumheller.
11 Miles ahead.

Back on the prairie.

Then …
We see the valley!

Down the windy road we go …
As in bygone days.
Below: Photo taken from about the same spot. 

Without the advantage of being on top of a hill. 
Image taken from the back window. (I hope)

But you can do it Virtually on Google Maps:

Mandatory photo op at the Dinosaur Sign.
(Wearing my Indiana Dundee hat.)

Drumheller: A bit of History

Drumheller got it’s name from a coin toss between Samuel Drumheller and Thomas Greentree.
Guess who won?
Alas, I think Greentree would have been a nicer name.

It was the Red Deer River that carved this valley and these Badlands
that run for hundreds of miles.

But wasn’t dinosaur bones that created early Drumheller.

It was coal.
Between 1911 and 1979, 139 mines were registered in the valley and over 56 million tons of coal was shipped across Canada.

The Dinosaurs came later … I mean earlier?
Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the town with thousands of people coming each year,
mainly to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

A 2016 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada
placed the Town of Drumheller’s population at 7,982.

Upcoming: The Royal Tyrrell Museum

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4 thoughts on “Heading for Drum …”

    1. Hey Don! Well I lived in Drumheller for about 4 years in my teens. Drum is internationally famous for it’s Royal Tyrrell Museum and like most kids I thought dinosaurs were amazing. So that’s my connection. Due to Covid we’ve beem sticking close to home this year and Drumheller is only an hour away or so. A fun trip for us.

  1. This is another great post about trip to Drumheller. Theses are great history pictures of Drumheller. I also really enjoyed your pictures of the Drumheller Welcome sign and the dinosaur bone at Royal Tyrrell museum. I was wondering where did you see these historical pictures ? I m looking forward to seeing Royal Tyrrel museum .

    1. Glenbow Museum and Archive has all these pics online Quinn. They’ve got a lot more than I posted.
      I’ve got a ton of great pics from the Tyrell Museum. Coming up soon!

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