Harmony and Right

Don’t misunderstand what I said yesterday.
Those who attacked the Capital must be arrested and taken to trial.

Likewise, I had been saying for a long time that Donald Trump is mentally ill.
It’s been very evident that he is incapable of rational thought or debate.
Therefore unfit to be President
and should have been removed long before now.
Nobody seemed to be listening.

But since (President) Biden seems reticent to go along with
either Impeachment or the 25th Amendment
I then wondered if this stance wasn’t a wiser way to go?
Since Trump would soon be gone anyway
such actions would not incense his followers to more violence.

Yet, to this very moment Trump has still not stated that
that the Election was not “rigged” or “stolen”.

Therefore this situation will continue.

And who know what mischief he may still get up to even now?

Impeachment is necessary
as it will deny him any right to run any political office.

The 25th Amendment should have been invoked
long before now.

Why would a Canadian care so much about this?
Because I care for America and it’s People.
Very deeply.

This has truly been a tragic and sad time.
There is much to learn.

From a political viewpoint, The United States of America
is still the Champion of the Free World.
If America goes down,
we all go down.

We can’t let that happen.

Good will to all and may all events play out for the better.


Author: jcalberta

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