More Christmas Favorites / December 12

Murielle Mathieu does everything well and this is very nice version of White Christmas.

“Christmas in Killarney” is an Irish-American Christmas song written by John Redmond, James Cavanaugh, and Frank Weldon, copyright 1950.
There are several excellent versions, but this is my favorite by Dennis Day.

I listened to many different versions of this wonderful Carol, but this version by Susan Boyle is the best.
Why? Because of the reverence and Spiritual feeling she brings to it.

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2 thoughts on “More Christmas Favorites / December 12”

  1. I think your list at the top contains ALL our favorite westerns, not counting the ones that are funny which probably get their own category. Garry watches old westerns every night on TV with the sound off and the headphones on. He has very limited hearing in one ear, so I can listen too — his headphones are loud enough for two of us.

    1. I’ve been terribly remiss in not re-working
      a lot of My Favorites. Some of them really need to be fixed up and updated. Plus there’s a few missing – like Rustler’s Rhapsody, which really is a wonderful movie. (Thanks for turning me on to that.) True Grit ought to be in there too – both Wayne’s and Bridges version. I hope to get around to all this someday!
      You and Garry have a great Christmas!

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