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I haven’t posted much lately. I have indeed been working on a couple of projects that just won’t come together to my satisfaction. (I always am). And because I don’t like to throw something up on the board I’ve holding them back. One project is called Sir Sean Connery / Cowboy. Sean did make ONE Western. It wasn’t highly rated, but it is still very interesting because it’s spectacular Star Power: Sean Connery, Brigitte Bardot, “Jack” Hawkins CBE, Stephen Boyd, Honor Blackman, Woody Strode, Eric Sykes, Valerie French, and more. Because of this some movies seem to be more interesting over time than there initial entrance. 
Sean did his usual credible work and was believable in his role
but the film just didn’t find it’s place among Western Classics.
I think it’s still worth a watch though because of it’s wonderful Cast.

Anyway, I’ll be getting something up here soon. 
Thanks for your patience. 

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