Golden Slumbers / Mindy Gledhill

 I admit I didn't really expect much.
Thought it would just be a nice easy hike.
But it proved to be something else. 

The Ochre Trail

The first thing you see is the
The Fancy Bridge and Creek.Look at that thing!?? You could drive a tank across that. 
But also look at that creek. I'm betting at certain times of the year
this creek is pretty well impassable - especially at Spring runoff.
And it's likely that previous bridges were washed away. 
So they built this amazing thing. 

There's a nice view from the Bridge.

Resting. Already?
Why not?
I'm in no hurry.

When we move up the trail, the ochre appears instantly.

It's almost shocking. The whole area is covered with it! 
Gold water, gold creeks, gold mud ... !

A golden wonderland!

Not all ochre is gold coloured like this. It comes in different shades: red, brown, yellow ...

I kind of think this gold ochre would have been prized.

A golden pathway.
Even the boardwalk is gold.

Our own yellow brick road.
There must be a wizard up ahead ...
But w
here is it coming from?

We'll soon see ... 


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