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Marble Canyon?

Wikipedia says:
The canyon’s name comes from the brilliant limestone of its walls.
The bedrock is microcrystalline limestone (sedimentary rock)
rather than marble (metamorphic rock).

It’s still beautiful.
As you’ll see. 

A Mountain on the way … couldn’t identify it. 

Net Photo

Park your car and head up the trail …

I believe this is Pavilion Creek.

Stop and ‘smell the roses’ …

Wonders … small and big.

Pure glacier water.

I should be so pure … 

… but I only dream.

The Canyon begins …

Heading up to Marble Canyon 2 … 

5 thoughts on “Heading up Marble Canyon …

  1. That water looks cold! What a pretty color. Marvelous music and photos, JC!

    1. jcalberta says:

      Thank You Cindy!
      That water is frigid. I once tried to ford a swift glacier stream that was about 15 feet across. I only made it half way because I started to hyperventilate as the cold hit my central nervous system and I couldn’t breathe. I barely made it to the other side. It really was life threatening experience. Lesson learned.

      1. All those movies where the characters stand or cross frigid water and seem unaffected…I am glad you lived to tell your tale.

  2. maui1 says:

    This is another great post on your visit to Banff. These are great pictures of Marble Canyon and the water is so nice and clear.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Hey Quinn!! Thank You. Was a nice little hike up the waterfall. Hope you can do it some day!

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