The Vanishing Glaciers … 3 Days in Banff

The Da Vinci Code / piano cover

The mills of God grind … 

… not so slowly.


Last year in Jasper National Park at the Columbia Icefields
we took a short hike to the foot of the glacier. 

It told the story of the vanishing glaciers.

In 1948 the Columbia Glacier (in background) came down to here. 

In 1992 the glacier came down to here.

In 2006 it came down to here.

They figure it will be completely gone in about 80 years.

Sign? What sign?

Sign says:

Safety Check

Do not leave the trail without a guide
Watch children closely and keep them near.
Leash your pet.
Pack out litter.
So not remove anything from landscape.”
“Walking out onto the glacier is dangerous.
There are many hazards, including
some that are hidden.
People have died here.
Remember this a wilderness area:
Caution and self-reliance are essential.”

But there were people all over that thing …


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4 thoughts on “The Vanishing Glaciers … 3 Days in Banff”

  1. These are great pictures from your trip last year to Jasper. It is bad news with the Glaciers melting. The scenery there is also amazing and the weather looks very nice.

    1. Well it is sad. But these things were once gigantic. Bigger than mountains. In fact, they made the mountains. They are a source of our rivers and fresh water though. I suppose we have time to adjust, but …

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