I’m stuck … Sorry

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head / BJ Thomas

Periodically this happens to me. I get stuck. I’m always working on Posts and I have several in the offing, Just haven’t been able to get anything on the board. I’ve been sick. I was Depressed for over a week which is very unusual for me. I was really low. Don’t know where it came from, but it affected me greatly. We all have our ups and downs of course, but I usually pop right back up and carry on. I’m the guy who is usually cheering everybody else up. Santa Claus. Not this time. I think I’m OK now. ?? Now I’m also working 9 out of 10 days. Crazy schedule. Then I go on a 10 day Holiday – where we had planned to go to Vancouver Island. Then Covid hit and everybody’s plans flew out the window. All things could change back shortly (who knows?) and I expect we will progressively get back to a more usual routine. It’s an amazing experience though and I think we will appreciate what we have here, but that it all can swept away overnight. Love, and our families, friends, are vastly more important than our material things. Love – that irrational and unprovable thing is what we are all here for and all about. Yet, we do have to survive. I hope that you are making it through OK.

I’ll be up and running shortly – like a flower emerging from the snow. Take care All. 

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6 thoughts on “I’m stuck … Sorry”

  1. I hope your feeling better. These are very interesting times that we are currently in with COVID-19 Virus and all the new news about this virus. I hope to see you , Stay safe and healthy.

    1. Thank you. It’s a just flesh wound. (That’s what we used to say when we were kids) I’m gonna to be fine. Hope you (and yours) will be well also. Things are changing a bit day to day it seems and I get a tomorrow off. I need some rest.

  2. I hope you are feeling better. I’ve been pretty dry lately. But that’s because the news is all COVID-19 and nothing seems funny anymore. I’ve been reading a lot of old books that usually make me laugh. These days, they maybe make me smile. A little.

    These are the interesting times we never wanted to experience. I’m glad my mother is gone. She thought she had finally outlived the bad old days. But I think we will never entirely outlive them. Take your time and relax. Sleep late. Watch something funny, something uplifting. We’ll get through it.

    And if you think maybe you are sick … well … take care of yourself!

    1. Hey Marilyn !! Thank You. I related so much with your posts about Depression. It gets us all at times and can be very serious for some folks. I always know I’m going to pull out – usually pretty quickly. But for some … yeah we gotta … Take Care.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better. These are such odd and unsettling circumstances for all of us and it’s perfectly natural to feel depressed and the like. Here, things are beginning to be loosened bit by bit but the fact is this process is actually making me more anxious than I had been as I’m wondering whether it might not be too soon. I’ll keep on working from home for the foreseeable future, which of itself is both good and bad.
    Whatever way things go, I do hope we learn something lasting from it all.
    Anyway take care and be well.

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