Donald Sutherland, William Shatner, receive Order of Canada

“I have never planned anything. I have been doing this job for over 50 years. I have been paid to work with some wonderful people and it has been a huge gift, to me.”
 – Donald Sutherland

“We’re all embers from the same fire. Our ember winks out, we’re ashes, we go back to the fire. I like that image. There has to be a unifying theory. I think there is a continuity of some kind, that my love for my wife will go on past the death of my body. Nature is perfect.”
– William Shatner 

It’s a been a hell of ride guys.
Thank You.
Thank you very much.

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4 thoughts on “Donald Sutherland, William Shatner, receive Order of Canada”

  1. I didn’t know that both were Canadian. Not that it matters, they both are fine icons who have brought me much enjoyment and mirth over the decades. Congrats to them! Thanks for showcasing these two famous gentlemen.

    1. They’ve had brilliant careers. Hell they’re still working! Not that they need to. Yeah, I’d have to say that I have enjoyed most everything they’ve done. The only thing they do that bothers me is when they are speaking publicly. They are loose cannons up there. You never know what they are going to say – and they don’t care. LoL!

  2. Great to see Donald Sutherland being given this award 🙂 He has worked with so many great filmmakers – Robert Altman, Bernardo Bertolucci, Federico Fellini (yes that Federico Fellini) and Nicolas Roeg to name just four of many examples 🙂 Also, great to see William Shatner receive it as well 🙂 I am amazed he did not receive it earlier given how iconic he is 🙂 Speaking of the “Order of Canada” award, I thought it was awesome a few back when David Cronenberg was awarded it – I think it was either 2015 or 2014, one of the two 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    1. I did not hear that Cronenberg had been awarded the Order. I didn’t know that Shatner and Sutherland had got it either until somebody told me. Guess I don’t watch the News like I used to.

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